Drake Choir Tour 2012: Friday, May 25

Friday, May 25
by Chris Kimpston, sophomore bass
Without the expectation of a concert later during the day, Drake Choir
departed for the destination of Killarney. After a lovely breakfast,
we set our sights on the day ahead. While riding a couple of hours on
the bus, we had the opportunity to see some of the beautiful landscape
of Ireland. While all of Ireland has been beautiful so far, the free
day of sightseeing provided the perfect opportunity to view the
natural Ireland countryside in its full beauty. Additionally, the
unnaturally warm and sunny weather allowed a clear view from our seats
inside the coaches.

As Anita, one of our tour guides, has told us, Ireland is known for
having “40 shades of green.” Before this tour, I would have laughed
and dismissed this as a clever turn-of-phrase on Ireland's lush
natural landscape. However, after spending time touring both the city
and the countryside, it is easy to see why Ireland is associated with
the color green. While shamrocks and leprechauns occupy the
imagination as defined by stereotypes, it’s evident why the color
would inhabit the stereotypes of Ireland; as we drove past many
different farms and wove through the roads of the different properties
and towns, it was evident just how blessed the Irish land truly is.
We made a stop in Waterford for a coffee/bathroom break, and
had enough time to make a stop at the famous Waterford Crystal store.
Waterford Crystal, founded in 1783, is the best crystal in the world. 
One interesting bit is that the solid pitch emitted by the
object when struck lightly can identify the genuine quality of
Waterford Crystal. It has been used for chandeliers in Westminster
Abbey, the New Year’s giant crystal ball that drops every year in
Times Square, and even the NCAA Football Championship trophy. Needless
to say, it was a beautiful store, and I was sure not to touch
anything. As my grandmother tells me, I can be a “bull in a china
After we departed from Waterford, we traveled to Blarney and
some members of the choir took the opportunity to kiss the famous Blarney 
Stone. It’s located at Blarney Castle, and is said to give anyone who kisses it
“the gift of gab,” meaning the ability to speak
influentially/convincingly. Many of the future businessmen, salesman,
and lawyers of the Drake Choir were sure to try to touch their lips to
the rock in this tradition, and only time will tell if it’s true.
  Ross Castle in Killarney National Park
After arriving in the lovely town of Killarney, we had a great dinner
together here in the International Hotel, and are now energized and
refreshed for another day of touring, as well as another concert. With
only two concerts left, we are enjoying every opportunity to sing, and
will certainly enjoy doing so at St. Mary's Church tomorrow evening.

Here is the link to Friday, May 25th photos: 
Friday, May 25th photos

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Kathy Rethman said...

I have enjoyed every moment of following the Drake Choir on this year's tour blogspot. The writing is eloquent and insightful, the photos are beautiful (thank you Dentist Dave) and I am always happy to see my daughter's happy face with all her wonderful Drake Choir friends. Thank you ABC and all who have made this tour possible. And, yes Anne, I will be at the airport to pick you up when you return. With love, admiration and a little envy, I wish you all safe travel!