Note regarding Tour PHOTOS from Dave Collier

As I post journals to the blog, I will include two or three photos from the day in the body of the blog text.  At the end of the journal entry, I will add a link to my SmugMug site, where I will put saddaitional photos from that day.

My site is set so that you may not only view the photos, but download or print them for free, in whatever size file you choose, or order prints from the site (at a cost comparable to Walgreens or Sams Club), and they will be mailed to you.  The quality is great, and I've found the cost to be far cheaper than the cost of paper and ink to print them yourselves.  I receive absolutely no benefit from any of the above processes.  My satisfaction comes from creating the photographs so that parents can see their students as they experience a new culture far from home, AND give the students a way to re-visit the experiences when the tour is over.

You will note that the first two posts are out of sequence, and that there are no photos for the Wednesday/Thursday journal post.

I hope you enjoy my photos.  I will post the days journal and photos as soon as time and internet connections permit.

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Lisa Lavia Ryan said...

Dave, thank you so very much for taking the time to take and post all these wonderful photos. My "mom pictures" can't compare, and I'm thrilled to have access to all these. Thanks again.

Lisa Lavia Ryan